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Sarens adds the very first model of the newly launched Liebherr LR12500-1.0 crawler crane to its fleet

Sarens has one of the largest and most comprehensive fleet in the world, consisting of more than 1500 cranes, 3100 axle lines, a set of Giant Cranes among which the SGC-250 – the largest cranes in the world, barges, and an incredible array of jacking systems, gantries and other unique in-house developed equipment. To remain at the top of the market’s offer, new cranes with latest lifting technologies and evolving market requirements are regularly added to the fleet. The most recent addition is the newly launched Liebherr LR12500-1.0 crawler crane. The 2500T capacity crawler crane is the ideal lifting solution for the offshore wind turbines. 

Sarens Managing Director, Carl Sarens says, “The high lifting capacity of the LR 12500-1.0 is the outstanding feature for us. The new crane will enable us to close the gap between our crawler and ringer cranes.” He adds, “We are particularly focusing on jobs in renewables for the new 2500T crane. Handling offshore wind turbines at ports is also becoming an important business segment as the weights of components continues to rise.”

Apart from lifting large components for the offshore wind sector, the LR125000 -1.0 is perfectly suited for the petrochemical industry and port handling work. The crane is easy to transport thus reducing the rigging and transportation cost and time when deployed for global projects. 

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Source: Sarens

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