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Fassi has delivered the first two F1450R-HXP Techno heavy lift loader cranes to Kuljetusliike Knuutinen in Finland, arriving just months after the new crane and range was first announced

Fassi F1450R-HXP Crane
Fassi F1450R-HXP Techno

The units purchased by Kuljetusliike Knuutinen, have a load moment of 119 tonne/metre with the 10 element boom. Which includes eight telescopic sections, plus the special L826 jib providing an overall reach of 31.5 metres with 1,465kg capacity.

The company also decided to add three manual boom extensions to the boom. Creating a maximum lifting height and outreach of 37 metres with 330kg capacity at the tip. The decagonal profile boom, dubbed ‘X-Design’, provides increased resistance to flex, higher capacities lower overall weight. The crane is mounted on a five axle (four axle plus rear drop/lift axle) Scania truck chassis.

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