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German crane rental company Neeb, has taken delivery of a new 150 tonne Grove GMK5150XL, the first to be delivered in Germany,

The delivery comes almost exactly a year after the new model was first unveiled during an open day at the manufacturer’s Wilhelmshaven production facility, in northern Germany.

150 T Grove XL

The new five axle crane boasts a seven section 68.7 metre main boom with a capacity of 8.1 tonnes when fully extended, 9.4 tonnes at 66 metres and 12.7 tonnes with 60 metres. This is probably the longest boom on a crane under 200 tonnes. It has been equipped with the 16.2 metre bi-fold swingaway extension and larger tyres. The GMK 5150XL can carry up to 10.2 tonnes of counterweight within 12 tonne axle loadings and up to 30.9 tonnes where 16.5 tonne axle loads are possible. The new model shares much of its componentry with other models in the Grove range.

Company founder, owner and senior manager Gustav-Armin Neeb said: “We are very happy with our Grove cranes. The GMK5150L has proven to be insanely reliable and robust. I liked the new concept and the design of the new 8.7 metre longer variant so much that I had to have the crane in Neeb colours. And now it’s in action, ‘The Unbeaten Champion’, is the first crane of this type in Germany.”

150 T Grove XL

“You can tell that main boom construction is one of Manitowoc’s core competencies in Wilhelmshaven. The combination of experience, the expansion of core competencies in boom construction and the constant striving for further development ensure that something special has become of this crane with its new main boom.”

Established in 1961 by Gustav Adolf Neeb , the company is based in Wuppertal and runs a fleet of cranes from spiders to the largest All Terrains and crawlers as well as heavy recovery trucks. It also has a presence in Spain and Portugal.

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