The LR11350 crawler crane sets the standard in the crane class over 1000 tonnes (1200 USt). It delivers outstanding load capacities over its entire operating range. This crane is particularly suitable for universal use in offshore handling as it can operate with and without PowerBoom, handling high part weights. Its design principle means that the crane components can be transported easily and at low cost and its set-up times are short. This means that no one part is wider than 3.50 metres (11.5 ft) or heavier than 45 tonnes (99,200 lb). With a wide range of boom systems the LR 11350 can be used flexibly with or without a derrick system. A ballast trailer and suspended ballast are available for the ballasting system. Its range of features is rounded off by high safety standards and great ease of operation.

You can read, download and share the load chart for free.

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