The LR1750-2 crawler crane is suitable for universal use and is used in power plants, refineries, on bridge construction sites and for erecting wind turbines. The compact dimensions of the crane components and their moderate weights mean that the crane can be transported to the site at low cost. Suspended ballast with VarioTray also means work can be started quickly as there is no need for tiresome stacking and unstacking. A great deal of attention was also paid to the safety of the crane operator and area around the crane in the design – extensive railings, larger platforms and a clear cab with maximum all-round visibility. The 750 tonne (825 USt) crane can also be used as a “pedestal crane” on supports, a benefit for long term jobs in one position. Its SX boom with extra-wide sections sets new standards in lifting capacity and transport.

You can read, download and share the load chart for free.

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