Manufactured by Demag, this is the CC 2800-1 crawler crane – lattice boom. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine here.

It has an engine performace of 390kW or 522 horse power. The powerful MTU engine is the standard motor for this model. The Demag CC 2800-1 can be grouped in the biggest machine segment in the crawler crane – lattice boom category. 138m is the maximum length of the standard boom for the CC 2800-1 crane. The Demag CC 2800-1 can carry up to 600t. 24m is the min. Standard boom for the Demag CC 2800-1 crane. This model is constructed to deliever a load torque of 158kNm. Based on model specifications, the CC 2800-1 max. Hook height is 180m.

Basic boom, Tip extension and 2nd winch are not provided on this model as of 2018. Find detailed specifications and machine details in the original Demag CC 2800-1 datasheet.

To this day, this machine is still being manufactured.

Want more detailed specifications? Download the latest Demag CC 2800-1 load chart on FREECRANELOADCHART.COM!

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